SaniCide®  is a unique stable solution of chlorine dioxide which provides a controlled release of chlorine dioxide at the point of use when used as directed. SaniCide® does not react with amines, ammonia or ammonia compounds and performs over a broad pH range, thus not being affected by fluctuations in pH like chlorine.

SaniCide® has been found to be one of the world’s safest and most effective biocides, second only to ozone gas in efficicacy, but with far more secondary benefits.

SaniCide® is EPA approved for a number of animal health and maintenance applications as well as for numerous fruit, vegetable and mushroom applications.
ConSeal’s patented SaniCide® Stabilized Aqueous Chlorine Dioxide are utilized in many industrial and agricultural processes such as:
  • Food Industry
    Dairies, Food Contact Sanitization, Breweries, Flume Water, Beverage Plants, Pasteurizers,Meat Plants, Fresh Water  Systems, Fish Plants , Fermentors, Poultry Plants, Hydrocoolers,CIP Systems, Vegetable Processing Plants , Canneries , Fresh Produce Rinse, Humidification Systems, Mushrooms/Potatoes
  • Livestock
    Swine, Cattle, Aquaculture, Kennels Poultry
  • Industrial
    General Sanitation,  Oil Wells, Cooling Water, Biofilm Removal, Water Storage Systems , Bleaching, Wastewater, Heating & Ventilation Systems,  Emulsions, Odor Control, Chemical Destruction,    Adhesives, Molluscicide, Paper Manufacturing
  • Healthcare Facilities Sanitation & Disinfection
    Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Dental Offices, Nursing Homes Laboratories , Morgues, Institutions, Salons

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