homeimage1-squareConSeal International Incorporated is a world leader in the private label and custom manufacture of specialty chemicals for the industrial community, specialty formulations for the personal care and nutritional industries and support chemistry for municipal waste control.  Founded in 1977, ConSeal International Incorporated, a privately owned company, and its affiliates now service hundreds of leading marketers and distributors worldwide, including Australia, Europe and much of the Pacific Rim.  Producing hundreds of custom and proprietary products, ConSeal has helped to pioneer many state-of-the-art technologies in specialty chemical formulations, such as patented micro-coating systems, extreme pressure lubricants and remediation technologies.

Producing a wide range of specialty products, ConSeal is internationally recognized for product quality and manufacturing standards exceeding all industry benchmarks.  ConSeal sources ingredients from the world’s leading manufacturers.  Before production, all raw materials are subjected to rigorous in-house analysis.  This includes advanced screening methods to verify the identity of all raw materials.  As we supply specialty products worldwide, our Quality Assurance team works closely with each regional authority to guarantee compliance and documentation to meet each country’s needs.

A total commitment to quality and Good Manufacturing Practices is paramount in the corporate mission of ConSeal and its affiliate companies.  This means safe, clean products guaranteed to meet all label claims.  We are a business that has been built on customer service.  Or ability to meet the varying needs and requirements of our diverse clientele has allowed us to service the needs of customers, both large and small.