1. What are FuelFX™ Mileage Extenders? FuelFX™ Mileage Extenders are 100% hydrocarbon compounds that improve the combustion properties of ordinary commercial gasoline and diesel fuel.

2. Why should I use FuelFX™ Mileage Extenders? You should use FuelFX™ Mileage Extenders to increase overall vehicle performance; this includes your fuel efficiency in miles per gallon, a decrease in engine wear and tear, and reduction in engine operating temperatures and  exhaust pollution.

3. Are FuelFX™ Mileage Extenders harmful to my engine’s seals?  No, FuelFX™ Mileage Extenders do not contain anything harmful to the engine, gaskets, or seals.

4. Is  FuelFX™ Mileage Extender Toxic? No.  FuelFX™ Mileage Extender is a food grade compound, however; it is provided in  a pure hydrocarbon (oil) and should not be taken internally.

5. Will FuelFX™ Mileage Extender help my engine in any other way?  FuelFX™ Mileage Extender has an affinity to clean internal engine parts such as valves, carburetors  or injectors.

6. How does FuelFX™ Mileage Extender differ from other fuel additives? FuelFX™ Mileage Extender is a combustion modifier that works on the fuel characteristics themselves. Other fuel additives are only “fuel system cleaners.”

7. What type of fuel should be used with FuelFX™ Mileage Extenders? Any grade of diesel or gasoline may be used.  The lower the grade of fuel used, the more noticeable the improvement.

8. How often should I use FuelFX™ Mileage Extender? FuelFX™ Mileage Extender should be used with every fill-up.

9. Is FuelFX™ Mileage Extender E.P.A. approved? Unlike other FuelFX™, LLC products, FuelFX™ Mileage Extender is exempt from EPA registration because it is 100% hydrocarbon under Code Of Federal Regulations  40 CFR 79.5.63.

10. Can FuelFX™ Mileage Extender be used in other motorized machines as well?  Yes, FuelFX™ Mileage Extender can be used in all diesel or gasoline powered engines such as boats, agricultural equipment, heavy machinery, etc. as well as 2-cycle equipment such as outboard motors, chain saws, lawn mowers, etc.

11. Does FuelFX™ Mileage Extender reduce fuel emissions and improve the environment? FuelFX™ Mileage Extender can reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide.

12. What happens if I spill FuelFX™ Mileage Extender on my hands? Simply wipe off the FuelFX™ Mileage Extender with a clean paper towel and wash your hands.

13. Will FuelFX™ Mileage Extender work in my antique or classis car?   Yes.  FuelFX™ Mileage Extender will improve the performance of older cars as well.   .

14. Can FuelFX™ Mileage Extender cause any damage to my car’s fuel system or catalytic converter? FuelFX™ Mileage Extender will not damage fuel systems or catalytic converters.

15. Will FuelFX™ Mileage Extender aid in starting my car in extreme temperatures? Yes.  Because FuelFX™ Mileage Extender modifies the fuel, your engine will start easier in both hot and cold temperatures.

16.  Can FuelFX™ Mileage Extender clean my fuel system like other additives might? Yes.  Using FuelFX™ Mileage Extender will clean, lubricate and protect the entire fuel system and combustion portion of your engine.

17. Will FuelFX™ Mileage Extender improve my vehicle’s power for climbing hills? Yes.  FuelFX™ Mileage Extender will increase the vehicle’s low-end torque which will provide more power for climbing hills and improve performance when the vehicle is used for towing.

18. Does FuelFX™ Mileage Extender improve my vehicle’s fuel mileage? FuelFX™ Mileage Extender modifies the fuel itself.  If you drive with a heavy foot, you will notice an increase in performance, but not a high increase in mileage. If you drive following the speed limits, your mileage will increase dramatically.