homeimage2-squareConSeal International  Incorporated is a well-established international company focused on the development of new technologies that span a diverse set of industries and applications.  Our team of research and development, marketing management, product development and manufacturing experts are dedicated to creative innovative solutions and advanced technologies to solve many of today’s challenges.  ConSeal is proud of being one of the most advanced custom contract manufacturers of specialty products in the United States.  Our facilities include state-of-the-art equipment used for processing raw materials, manufacturing, blending, packaging and distribution.  In addition, ConSeal serves as a consultant to many well-known international companies to assist in their own product development and marketing efforts.

  • We are proud of our worldwide client base.  We consult with and manufacture products for many industry leaders in various industrial, agricultural and commercial fields.
  • We are able to provide complete “turnkey” support to our customers which includes product development, custom formulations, packaging and label design.
  • ConSeal is internationally recognized for its product quality and Good Manufacturing Practices which exceeds all industry standards.  Prior to production, all raw materials undergo rigorous in-house analysis to ensure the highest quality of materials is used in its products.
  • Management team has over 75 years related industry experience.  Our impressive in-house technical services are backed by a comprehensive library as well as instant access to all major scientific, medical and clinical journals and databases.
  • ConSeal’s Advisory Board helps keep your clients abreast of the latest scientific developments and technical innovations and applies this knowledge to all our formulations.  Our research and development team is headed by PhD’s who meet regularly with a distinguished scientific and medical Advisory Board.